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New Residents: Documents You Need to Register Your Vehicle in Tennessee

Sample of TN license plate to register your vehicle

As a new or returning Tennessee resident, you will need to register your vehicle in Tennessee as soon as you establish residency. It’s an easy process, but you need to gather a few documents and visit your local County Clerk’s office IN PERSON. Some Tennessee counties still require an emissions inspection prior to registering your… Read more »

The Importance of Routine Car Maintenance

Cars are becoming more sophisticated, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore regular maintenance checks. Routine, scheduled maintenance can keep your vehicle on the road longer by preventing breakdowns and costly repairs. While you may be tempted to overlook regular maintenance to save the expense and time of taking your vehicle to a qualified service… Read more »

It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Vehicle

April is National Car Care Month. It’s a great time to Spring Clean your vehicle and prepare it for the spring/summer driving adventures ahead.  With yo-yo temperatures, rain and wintry mix precipitation, Tennessee winters can be tough on your car. You may have neglected routine vehicle cleaning over the winter due to weather conditions, but… Read more »

How to Jump Start a Vehicle

If you’ve ever been stranded due to a faulty car battery, you probably had to rely on a good Samaritan to jump-start your car. It’s a good idea to always keep a set of jumper cables in your vehicle as part of a complete roadside emergency kit, for just such an event. As long as… Read more »

What to Include in Your Winter Car Emergency Kit

Tennessee’s winter weather is often unpredictable. A sudden snow or ice storm could leave you stranded if you are not properly prepared. It’s important to keep a few essential emergency supplies in your vehicle, should the unexpected happen. Here’s what your car emergency kit should include: Mobile phone car charger/battery First Aid Kit Flashlight and… Read more »