How to Choose the Best Color for Your Next Vehicle

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There really is no “best” color for a vehicle. But when it comes to choosing the color for your next vehicle, it seems the color you choose says a lot about you. Whether you choose a trendy color or something more individual, your personality is often reflected in your color choice.

Vehicle color trends have changed over the years.

Vehicle color trends have changed significantly over the years. In the 1920s, car owners favored a wide range of colors, often with multiple bright colors on one vehicle. From the 1930s to the 1950s, single color cars with lots of chrome were the most popular. By the 1970s, browns, yellows, greens and oranges began to take center stage. From the 1990s to the early 2000s, silver, white and blue became popular. Since 2010, neutral colors have been the most popular color choice.

Today, according to KBB, the most popular vehicle color in almost every car segment is silver, followed by white and black. But, for SUVs, minivans and light trucks, white takes the top spot.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, people typically prefer a specific vehicle color that speaks to their personality or the characteristics that they want to project.


Are you practical and love a futuristic look? Silver may be the color for you. The color silver also represents prestige and good taste.


Drivers of white vehicles are direct and tend to be perfectionists. Representing honesty and purity, white is also a tasteful, elegant color choice.


Dignified, powerful and always in control, a black vehicle is striking, classic and elegant.


People who don’t want to stand out, often choose a grey vehicle. They are practical, cautious and tend to make lists.


Often associated with speed, red vehicles are actually less likely to be involved in an accident than a black vehicle. Drivers of red vehicles are fun, outgoing and confident, much like the cars they own.


Honest and compassionate, blue vehicle owners tend to be optimistic, faithful and well-balanced.

Brown, Beige, Champagne

Brown, beige and champagne vehicles are often chosen by thrifty, down-to-earth people. They are no-nonsense and intelligent but appreciate the warmth and glamour of these understated colors.

Yellow or Gold

If you have a youthful attitude and a good sense of humor, yellow is the color for you. People who love comfort and are willing to pay for it, tend to choose warmer yellow or gold hues.


Purple is the color chosen most often by people who identify as creative and individualistic.


Orange is the trendiest of all vehicle colors. It is preferred by fun-loving, artistic people who appreciate value.

When it’s time to shop for your next vehicle, will you choose your favorite color, a popular color, or one that tells the world who you really are? Whatever you choose, you can easily shop for your next vehicle from our great selection of quality used cars and trucks, all backed with by our complimentary 3-Day, 300-mile vehicle exchange program.

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